Event Organizer's Ad Hoc Committee

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Committee Members:

Chair: Jeffray Ryding, Organizer Goose Downs - MJRatGDF@aol.com

Ex Officio: Lisa Brunner, Area Chair - onawhim@dakotacom.net

Amy Grace Lewis, Organizer Coconino Spring - flagstaffequestrian@gmail.com

Sheila Strickler, Organizer Grass Ridge - azeventjudge@earthlink.net

Mary Hendricks, Organizer St Johns - mchounds@wildblue.net

Alice Sarno, Organizer Coconino Summer I & II - alice@alicesarno.com

Mary Alba, Organizer Las Cruces - dmvalba@zianet.com

Ben Ascani, Volunteer - benascani@aol.com

The Event Organizer's Committee has formed to assist in the development and growth of our area's events with the purpose to help them run more efficiently and effectively as well as to promote a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all.

A sample of issues to be discussed include:

Volunteers  - How do we get them, how do we keep them and how do we recognize them?

Area Wide Sponsorships - Are they possible, useful, and if so how do we go about getting them?

Event fund-raising and marketing

Event Evaluations  -  How organizers can use these as a tool for improvement and for Public Relations

Jump Judge briefings  - Is there away to make them more efficient?

If you have ideas for the committee or would like to volunteer at an area event, please contact one of the committee members listed above.