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   2018 Area Championships Policy 

USEA Requirements For ALL Areas
1. All Area Championship competitors MUST be current USEA Members.
2. All qualifying competitions must be USEA registered horse trials, two-day 
    or three-day events.
3. Divisions must have five or more starters to count as qualifying competitions.
4. No horse may compete in more than one championship in a calendar year. This 
    restriction does not include the AEC or any national championship.
5. Beginner Novice divisions will not count as qualifiers for the Novice division.
6. List all qualifying competitions on your entry form.
Championship Divisions
It is at the discretion of each Area to determine eligibility requirements for their Area Championships. 
Please refer to the Area website for eligibility requirements and specifications before you enter the 
championship.  The area website addresses are located on the next few pages, and on the Area pages 
published in each issue of the Omnibus.
determined by Area
Whether or not competitors must reside in the Area in which they compete for a championship is 
determined by that Area. Residence is determined by USEA membership.  It is the responsibility of the 
competitor to know the qualifications and terms of these championships and enter in accordance with 
those specifications.  In addition to what is printed on these pages, the competitor must refer to the 
applicable area website for further details before entering a championship division. Competitors who 
have improperly entered a championship division may forfeit their placing and awards (if applicable).