Becky Holder AR Clinic Recap

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Becky Holder visited Pinnacle West Equestrian Center in Arizona and the Area X riders on the weekend of December 3 – 4. Riders had an opportunity to practice their stadium and cross country skills under the watchful eye of such a respected rider in the Eventing world.

On Saturday, riders were tested on their concentration, straightness, and control of their horse during stadium. Becky worked on their position and style to help them achieve these key points. Each level started off Saturday with a difficult pole exercise, practicing lengthening and shortening their horse’s strides. This exercise helped them control and gain attention of the horse for the next difficult exercise Becky had planned. This exercise included skinny barrels three strides to a triple gymnastic line and yet again to a skinny barrel. This seemingly difficult exercise was achievable to the riders due to the expert advice and coaching Becky provided.

Becky started Sunday with a discussion on key concepts of cross country jumping. She talked to riders about how to have a successful cross country ride – balancing, galloping, preparing for the jump and preparing for the next jump. Becky then took riders to the course where they warmed up over varying sized logs, working their way up to challenging combinations and eventually doing banks and water.

The weekend was one to remember! Becky provided excellent tips and accurate coaching for all levels of riders that they will take well into the future. Everybody including auditors, riders, and fellow trainers, all learned something new!

Thank you Becky! 

Thank you Nick Madsen for being jump crew and submitting this article!

Good News!!! Becky has agreed to another clinic in December 2012. Area X wishes her all the best in her preparation and quest to represent USA at the London Olympics!