Official USEA Omnibus, Calendar & Results

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This page is a direct feed from the USEA website. It lists the omnibus events from Area X, along with links to the official results (when available).

Mar 24-25 Southern Arizona H.T.   (Website)
Open Date: Feb 06, 2018  |   Close Date: Mar 06, 2018

USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,TR,N,NR,BN,BNR
USEA Recognized Test:Intro
Apr 21-22 St. Johns H.T.   (Website)
Open Date: Mar 06, 2018  |   Close Date: Apr 03, 2018

USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:PT,T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Intro,Pre-Comp
May 25-27 Coconino Spring H.T.   (Website)
Open Date: Apr 10, 2018  |   Close Date: May 08, 2018

USEF/USEA Recognized Division:I,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:Pre-Comp
Jul 06-08 Coconino Summer I H.T.
Open Date: May 22, 2018  |   Close Date: Jun 19, 2018

USEF/USEA Recognized Division:I,IP,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,T-JR,TR,N,N-JR,NR,BN,BN-JR,BNR
USEA Recognized Test:CT-I,CT-P,Intro,Pre-Comp
Jul 11-15 Western Underground, Inc Coconino Summer HT & T/N/BN3D Event
Open Date: May 29, 2018  |   Close Date: Jun 26, 2018

USEF/USEA Recognized Division:I,IP,P,P-Ch
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T3D,T,T-Ch,T-JR,TR,N,N-Ch,N-JR,NR,BN,BN-Ch,BN-JR,BNR
USEA Recognized Test:CT-A,CT-I,CT-P,CT-T,N3D,BN3D,CT-BN,FEH-2,FEH-3,FEH-YEAR,Intro,YEH-4,
Oct 12-14 Las Cruces H.T.
Open Date: Aug 28, 2018  |   Close Date: Sep 25, 2018

USEF/USEA Recognized Division:P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN
USEA Recognized Test:CT-P,CT-T,CT-N,CT-BN,Pre-Comp