Area Programs

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ADULT RIDER PROGRAM --  The USEA Adult Rider Program is for all adults, age 22 years and older, professional or amateur. It is about including adults across all skill and experience levels, in a supportive program that promotes education, communication, recognition and just plain fun. Adult Rider programs promote good sportsmanship and horsemanship, fun and safety for all levels of riding. Come join the fun and learn about what your Adult Rider program offers you.Mission: To increase adult rider participation in eventing by providing education and recognition and offering communication and camaraderie.

YOUNG RIDER PROGRAM -- The purpose of the program is to provide educational opportunities designed to teach young eventers the skills they need to compete safely and effectively, as well as the techniques they must have to meet the challenges of moving to the upper levels of competition. The Young Rider program, however, is about a lot more than competing. Participants experience:Friendship among members, camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and group fundraising, are all cultivated within the organization. Commitment, teamwork and horsemanship are just a few of the lessons learned that are carried into adulthood.